Presentation Plus

Cope with disaster

Equipment doesn’t work?

  • Carry a set of whiteboard markers.

  • Bring your slides on a memory stick/cdrom/exterior hard drive.

Noise outside – building works, cutting the grass..?

  • Difficult but try to find another room.

  • Or try to speak to the workers – offer a beer.

Fire alarm goes off?

  • Nothing you can do but follow the drill!

You’re late – traffic problems?

  • Plan to arrive an hour early.

  • See if a colleague can start in your absence.

Your colleague is sick and can’t come?

  • You should always be able to talk about the section of your colleague.

Room too hot or too cold?

  • Your audience really needs to concentrate – take them outside, change the room, order drinks, give frequent breaks.

A difficult member of the audience?

  • Keep cool and polite, say that you will be happy to speak to him or her personally during the break or after the presentation

  • Build up a good relationship and the audience will be happy to forgive you any small problems – no relationship and they will only see the problems.

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