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Check your performance

Use this form to evaluate your performance whenever you give a presentation or ask a friend to fill in the form for you.

Download the form (pdf)

  • I choose a clear message which is relevant for my audience.

  • I prepare visible, easy to read and well designed visuals that have good visual impact.

  • If I use notes, they contain key words only.

  • I time the different parts of my presentation and rehearse two or three times standing up in front of a friend or a camera.

  • I prepare answers to both easy and difficult questions.

  • I have a plan B in case of problems.

  • My posture is confident and natural.

  • I speak at a good pace, not too slow, not too fast.

  • I emphasise important words and phrases with good use of stress.

  • My voice is expressive and shows enthusiasm.

  • I speak loudly and clearly and fluently (thanks to rehearsing before).

  • I make eye contact with different people in the audience.

Language and techniques
  • I am confident about using correct verb tenses.

  • I use a mixture of short and longer sentences for variety.

  • I use expressions to compare ideas and numbers correctly.

  • I can make accurate references to facts and figures.

  • My introduction catches the attention of the audience and interests them.

  • My presentation is logical and easy to follow.

  • I use signposts all through the presentation.

  • I can highlight and repeat important or difficult messages.

  • I prepare the audience for the visuals and help them focus on the main message.

  • I prepare the audience for the end of the presentation and invite them to ask questions.

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