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There are different kinds of questions:

1- Yes/No questions

  • Do the figures mentioned concern only domestic use?

    These usually have rising intonation.

2- Wh questions (Who What Where When Why or How)

  • Why do we use control rods?

    These usually have a falling intonation.

3- Alternative questions

  • "Is it water used for domestic purposes or is it water used for both industrial and domestic purposes?"

The part before the OR rises but after OR it falls.

ExercisesListen and repeat

Listen to the following questions from Colin’s presentation and repeat:

  • What wave strength exactly is required to produce energy?

  • In terms of scaling up the project, how do you think the anaconda will cope?

  • Are there any drawbacks to developing the anaconda?

  • What kind of investment are you looking for?

  • Is the development of the anaconda limited to the UK or are other countries interested in the project?

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