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Questions to consider when preparing your presentation
  • Do you want to inform, train, persuade, show your ability, entertain or demonstrate?

  • Do you aim to get ideas or feedback from the audience, as well as sharing your ideas? If so, how will you do this?

  • Is your approach formal or informal? Does your talk include a PowerPoint presentation, a demonstration or is it a discussion?

AdviceWHO you are?
  • Introduce yourself. This may not be necessary to colleagues. To possible future clients, it will be important to give key details.

AdviceWHY you are there?
  • What's the purpose of the presentation? To inform, persuade, demonstrate?

AdviceWHAT you are going to talk about?
  • Give your audience the main points of your talk and the sequence so they know the structure.

AdviceHOW you are going to organise your talk?
  • You need 100% attention of the audience. Maybe you need to tell them how long the presentation is, tell them if you will give them notes at the end.

  • Tell them when they can ask questions.

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