Presentation Plus

It's your turn!


Choose one or two phrases from WHO WHAT WHY HOW that you like, and prepare a NINETY SECOND opening for a presentation about your home town to some exchange students.

Practise in front of a mirror, or a friend, or better still, a teacher.

Check your performance
  • I can introduce myself. (WHO am I?)

  • I can give the subject and purpose of my presentation. (WHY I'm going to talk)

  • I know how to give a general overview my presentation so my audience knows what I'm going to talk about. (WHAT)

  • I can explain how I'm going to organise my talk. (HOW)

  • I know where to stand so I can see my audience and they can see me.

  • I know how to focus on the audience.

  • I know how my appearance and gestures can affect the audience.

  • I can speak clearly so everyone can hear and understand me.

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