Presentation Plus



Download notepad (pdf)

Download notepad (pdf)

  • My name's [...] and I'm responsible for [...]

  • Let me tell you something about myself [...]

  • You may know me already [...]

  • Today I'm going to talk about [...]

  • My purpose today is [...]

  • I'd like to tell you about an update on our latest project

  • What I'm going to do today, is to give you [...]

  • I'll be talking about three main points

  • I'll start with, then and finally [...]

  • There'll be about five minutes at the end for questions

  • At the end of this talk, we can see a demonstration of [...]

  • There'll be a short coffee break at the end of my talk before we [...]

  • I'm going to speak to you for about fifteen minutes and then [...]

  • I'll be handing out notes at the end

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