How to communicate more effectively

This site is for learners working alone and teachers who want to help learners to communicate more effectively and confidently. On this site you will find video clips, discussion points, help with grammar, help with pronunciation and intonation, and help to self assess your work. Click here to start the program.

PRESENTATION PLUS will help you to...

Explain your project, present to colleagues, talk at meetings… part of daily life for an engineer in industry.

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Good presentation= good preparation

To give a successful presentation, you need to research your topic, identify your key message, organise your material, think about your audience, practise your delivery.



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Learning objectives

This site is for intermediate learners (B1/B2)
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Learn Chinese now!
Everyday situations for beginners in Chinese, using video clips on presenting yourself, talking about family, your spare time, your studies, going shopping, ordering a meal.
Product in french/chinese.

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iPhone app
Page d'accueil du site Parlez-vous chinois
New iPhone app for those who want to learn basic Chinese with videos and pronunciation exercises. This version is free. Product in French/Chinese.


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